• What’s an Echocardiogram?

    What’s an Echocardiogram?

    “Echocardiogram” is a long, scary-sounding word that intimidates some heart patients. But it shouldn’t. An “echo” (as they’re referred to in doctors’ circles) simply means a sonogram for your heart – a test that uses sound waves to produce images of your heart so that your cardiologist can detect exactly how well your heart is

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  • What to Expect from Cardiac Rehab

    What to Expect from Cardiac Rehab

    If you have been prescribed cardiac rehabilitation, most likely you have recently recovered from a heart attack or heart surgery. Cardiac rehab plays an integral role in your recovery by strengthening your cardiovascular health while closely monitoring your healing. The goal behind your rehabilitation is to develop a long-term plan to keep you at your

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  • What Is The Hgb A1C Test –  and Do I Need It?

    What Is The Hgb A1C Test – and Do I Need It?

    If you are a diabetic, chances are you are familiar with the Hgb A1C. You should get the Hemoglobin A1C test done if you already have diabetes or think you might. The Hemoglobin A1C test is a blood test that helps diabetics keep track of their average blood sugar, or glucose, to determine if it

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  • What Can I Expect During Pre-Surgical Testing?

    What Can I Expect During Pre-Surgical Testing?

    Almost all surgeries necessitate pre-surgical testing in order to confirm that a patient is ready to go. Pre-surgical cardiac testing locates any issues that might complicate a surgery, even if the surgery is not heart-related. It reassures both the patient and the doctor that surgery should proceed as planned. Cardiac pre-surgical testing is non-invasive. It

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Dear Patients and Friends,

Due to circumstances beyond our control, CompleteCare Cardiology, the office of Dr. Randy Kiewe, is closing. Dr. Michael L. Friedman of Long Island Heart Associates has been assigned to be the Custodian of Medical Records. If you need an appointment or if you need to pick up a copy of your records, please call his office at (516) 869-3100. His office is located at 2110 Northern Blvd Suite 207 Manhasset NY 11030.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The staff of CompleteCare Cardiology wish you all good health and we thank you for your kindness, patience, support and understanding.

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